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After the lesion has been completely removed, a decision is made on the best method for treating the wound created by the surgery. These methods include letting the wound heal by itself, closing the wound in a linear fashion with stitches, closing the wound with a skin graft or a flap, or any combination of these methods. The best method is determined on an individual basis after the final defect is known. Other surgical specialists may be enlisted for their unique skills if a defect turns out to be more complicated than initially anticipated. We individualize our treatment to achieve the best results.

When the reconstruction is completed by other surgical specialists, that reconstruction may take place on the same day or on a subsequent day. There is no harm in delaying the reconstruction for several days. If the reconstruction is to be extensive, that portion of the operation may require hospitalization. This is the exception rather than the rule.

Some patients may not feel comfortable returning to work for up to one week after surgery. Others may return sooner. We usually recommend that patients make arrangements to be away from work for one to two days.

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