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Skin Exam Reminders

If you have scheduled an appointment with us for a skin exam, here are a few reminders that will help us to ensure that you have the best experience possible:

  • Please arrive to your appointment on time and with all of your paperwork filled out. If you are a returning patient and you have made changes to your insurance, address, etc. please arrive a few minutes early so you can update your forms. If you are running late, we may not be able to perform your entire skin exam.
  • Please do not wear make-up to your appointment as it makes it difficult to identify changes in the skin.
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  • Please do not tan (we’ll always tell you to avoid tanning!) or wear tanning creams before your appointment as it can change the appearance of skin lesions and make diagnosis more difficult.
  • Our office policy is to prohibit children from being in the room with you during your skin exam. We want to be able to focus all of our attention on you and children are often distracting to both the provider performing your exam and to you as a patient. If you have children who are too young to be left alone in our waiting room, please arrange for their care during your appointment time.
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, please give us at least 48 hours notice to avoid a late fee. We have a waiting list for skin exams and like to get our patients in as soon as possible in order to provide the best care.
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